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You will not feel like falling, you will not feel the gravity, you will feel like you are floating at the speed of 200 km/h. Crazy, right?

Tandem dive

Wonderful panoramic flight with a plane, excitement at the recoil training, incredible feelings of free falling, soaring through the clouds with an open parachute – you can experience all of this if you let us organise your day, which you will remember forever!

Slovenia from the air

You can choose from three regions where you can sail with an open parachute and view the wonderful Slovenia from the air:

Gorenjska – Bovec Airport

Primorska – Portorož Airport

Dolenjska – Šentvid pri Stični Aeroclub

We have come a long way

We are experienced organisers even in the largest adrenaline experiences, which you can taste if you do a tandem skydive!


Why choose us?

We are a young, aspiring and experienced team able to organise an unforgettable day of adrenaline!

We collaborate with the best!

Individual approach.

Available also as GIFT VOUCHERS.